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Welcome to the "Solace of Space" collection...

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I started work on the Solace of Space collection almost 10 years ago. Actually, the idea to try to capture movement in a still photographic image has been something that I have been experimenting with for over 50 years. As is the case with most of my photographic studies and collections, I am continually experimenting, creating, and adding new images to the collection.

The collection is now at the point where I decided it could stand on its own merit, and so should have a web site of its own, separate from my other work. You can view the wide spectrum of my work at and the Manzanar: Their Footsteps Remain - 40 years of Photography project at

Going forward, I plan to use this blog to introduce you to new images I create for this collection, the locations where the images originated, and (without giving away all of my secrets), some of the technical aspects of what went into creating the imagery.

I am always open to comments and constructive criticism and look forward to hearing from you. You can email me with your comments, critiques and questions at Thanks for taking the time to view the Solace of Space.

Light Cycle 2 - Vancouver, B.C., Canada © 2013

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